BIM for Facilities Management

Redstack are delivering outstanding results linking BIM with Facilities Management systems throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Linking BIM with Facilities Management

Thanks to its ability to manage the transition of data from design and construction stages, Redstack are delivering major benefits for developers, facilities managers and building owners by linking BIM with facilities management on major projects in the Asia Pacific region.

The problem with outdated facilities management

A major issue for facilities management stems from discrepancies that arise from inefficient data management practices.  Collecting all the data on your facility, storing, managing and keeping that data current is a big challenge.  By linking a 3D BIM model to a Facilities Management system, these processes can be streamlined, allowing facilities managers to accurately control and manage the costs associated with maintaining their facility.

How does BIM support facilities management?

A huge amount of data can be incorporated into a BIM model and integrated into facilities management software, like Archibus. Some of this data includes

  • The amount of space.
  • Room names, numbers, types and categories.
  • Division and department information.
  • Equipment and manufacturing information.
  • Other key descriptors.

With all this data in one centralised system, managers can access it anytime, anywhere. They are even able to view the geometric BIM model from the same application. This has a wide range of carry-over benefits.

Proven experience linking BIM with Facilities Management
Redstack have successfully linked BIM with Facilities Management to deliver the above benefits on a range of projects throughout Asia Pacific, including:

  • Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Tokyo Electric Power Services Company

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