What are BIM / Revit families?

All of the elements that you add to your Autodesk Revit projects are created with families. For example, the structural members, walls, roofs, windows, and doors that you use to assemble a building model, as well as the callouts, fixtures, tags, and detail components that you use to document it, are all created with families.

Redstack can produce your family files for Autodesk Revit or a range of other CAD programs to meet your BIM requirements.

Download our list of Revit content sites to see the large range of Revit content currently available.

Revit families and BIM content provides a broad range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced visual layout plans
  • Improved communication of project and plans
  • Stunning visuals and 3D models for sales and marketing
  • Improved scheduling capabilities
  • MEP family creation
  • Get your products specified to owners


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