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Introducing IoT for BIM by Redstack Germany

Thanks to a new partnership with Redstack Germany, Redstack Global can now integrate Internet of Things (IoT) services with existing BIM and Facilities Management services.

BIM Training and Consulting for Teamwork and Collaboration

Business Information Modelling (BIM) as an idea has been around since the 1970’s. 

UNIQLO BIM project for retail design and visualisation

Redstack delivers BIM model and Virtual Reality solutions fro UNIQLO Japan and China.

BIM Improves Operations at Tokyo's Haneda Airport

Redstack delivers LOD 500 as built model of Tokyo's Haneda Airport for facilities management.

Three steps to getting yourself BIM ready

BIM is growing steadily in Australia. How are you getting ready to benefit from BIM on your projects and in your organisation?

Selecting the right BIM training course

Success in a BIM project requires a wide variety of skills. How can you choose the right training course based on your role in a project?

Redstack Helps Build Cities Of The Future

Redstack were appointed BIM Implementation Manager by WCT-Al Ali JV on one of the world's largest infrastructure projects, Lusail City.

BIM Acronyms Explained

BIM is an acronym for the building information modelling process, but you’ve probably realized that within that process there are many more acronyms lurking around to confuse you! Here’s a brief list of the more commonly used acronyms…


I wrote an article recently about "WHAT BIM ISN'T" which, I thought was a little controversial, the feedback and comments I received actually agreed with where I was coming from. By Jack DeCandia, Redstack

BIM meets living the high life in Singapore

Singapore's high-end Lloyd 65 condominium beat back construction obstacles to deliver on time, thanks to BIM.

Redstack delivering BIM services for Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

Redstack deliver BIM services for 49 buildings at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

How can BIM overcome MEP design challenges?

Coordinating MEP layout and design during construction can involve significant challenges. Find out how BIM technology is helping to address these. Coordinating the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) disciplines during construction can involve significant challenges. 

Linking BIM with Facilities Management Delivers Major Benefits

Thanks to its ability to manage the transition of data from design and construction stages, Redstack are delivering major benefits for developers and building owners by linking BIM with facilities management on major projects in the Asia Pacific region.

Demonstrating the power of scan to BIM at the University of Reading in Malaysia

See how Redstack used laser scanning to develop an as-built BIM model after construction had begun to deliver significant benefits on the University of Reading construction project in Malaysia.

Redstack take NTU From 2D to 3D with BIM and Facilities Management

For any University, the campus facilities and architectur are an integral part of the higher education experience. Functioning much like a self-contained small town, the physical plant at universities and colleges around the world is an intricate web of residence halls, academic buildings and other student-support facilities.

Taking BIM to Facilities Management with Singapore Polytechnic

While there is a great deal of focus on the uses of 3D modelling during construction stages of new assets, the true value of Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation is that it keeps delivering results long after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Australian government must become a BIM advocate

Countries around the world are seeing the benefits of greater BIM adoption. It's time for the Australian government to begin similar measures here.

BIM and Facilities Management: Bridging The Gap

See how BIM is gaining momentum as an essential input for Facilties Management on new buildings. 

5 Reasons Why You Need A BIM Execution Plan

A BIM Execution Plan is a critical roadmap which will guide your business to successful implementation of BIM.

Japan stadium project promotes BIM design workflow

A recent stadium project in Japan has cost millions of dollars despite never getting off the ground. Could building information modelling have helped?
A rather costly reminder of how projects can go wrong in the planning stage was observed recently in Japan. 

Autodesk Revit 2016 R2 Review

A Mid-Year Revit Release for Autodesk Subscription Customers!

Autodesk Revit 2016 R2 builds on the speed and project performance improvements that distinguish Revit 2016 and includes more than 25 updates, many requested by users.

What is BIM and why do you need it?

The construction and architecture industries have access to a range of digital solutions to reduce costs, encourage collaboration and enhance productivity.
As the CEO of Redstack Asia, I've had the chance to see these industries change as our products and solutions unlock the potential for design teams and project managers to operate more efficiently.