Introducing IoT for BIM by Redstack Germany

Redstack Global is teaming up with Redstack Germany as its core development team for new software solutions and tailor-made implementations.  Redstack Germany have developed a powerful Internet of Things (IoT) platform that complements our existing BIM and Facilities Management offerings.

Based in Aachen and close to the technical university, Redstack Germany is well positioned to adopt the latest technologies and most recent advances in computer science on behalf of our global clients. The vast market experience and strong client relations of Redstack Global combined with the dynamism of Redstack Germany allow for excellent service offerings with regard to cost, time and quality. The partnership allows us to deliver the most advanced German engineering to the Asia Pacific market and Redstack's global clients.

Redstack’s IoT platform is the base solution onto which several modules can be installed that match our client’s needs best. Some standard modules are always included such as IoT-sensor connection utilities, data processing management, standard visualization tools and hierarchical user rights management. Time and activity recording modules, access management controls or individual mobile applications are additional modules that can be customized for each client. Our service offering does not stop after onsite implementation but continues with maintenance works and employee training according to your wishes.

Christoph Blömeke and Torsten Sehy bring a wealth of experience to the Redstack Global group.

Christoph Blömeke, Redstack Germany CEO:

Christopher Blomeke

Christoph studied mechanical engineering in Aachen and collected first working experience through internships in the energy sector but also as a working student in the software development field. He holds a second master’s degree in general engineering from Paris with focus on applied mathematics. Together with three colleagues he founded a company developing a 3D rendering engine for virtual reality applications. After his studies, Christoph worked for a management consultancy company in Europe. His projects varied from developing an innovation strategy for an international mobility provider to building an e-commerce market place for a multichannel retailer and implementing a digital time recording solution internationally for a staffing company.

Torsten Sehy, Redstack Germany CTO:

Torsten Sehy

Torsten studied computer science in Aachen. Starting programming at a young age, he had the knowledge for his first job at the university as a tutor for the programming lecture. To get more practical experience he worked as a research assistant, developing software for a driving simulator. After completing his master’s degree he started working at Christoph’s company to develop a high performance real time virtual reality rendering engine. Following this he started at a company which builds applications for optimizing manufacturing processes. The goal was to implement simple user interfaces for complex tasks and vast amount of data imported from ERP-systems (e.g. SAP). Aside from programming at work he always tries to be up to date with current technologies.

More Information on IoT and BIM solutions:

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