BIM Projects

Redstack have contributed to a range of successful BIM projects throughout the Asia Pacific region, including Australia,  Japan, Malaysia, Qatar, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.

Working with our Redstack Asia partners, we have extensive experience implementing BIM (Building Information Modelling) on major projects throughout the Asia Pacific region.


  • National Cancer Institute of Malaysia - See how Redstack helped deliver care for cancer patients with BIM. Learn more.

  • UOB Tower 2, Malaysia - Redstack delivers 4D simulation, QTO, fly through animation and more. Learn more.

  • Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore - A combination of Scan to BIM, CAD to BIM and integration with Facilities Mangement systems. Learn more.

  • Lusail City, Major infrastructure project, Doha - Full BIM management of infrastructure, road and underground utilities.  Delivery of BIM LOD 500 and as built models using 3D laser scanning.  Team consists of an on-site BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator, 5 on-site modelers and 3 off-site modelers. Learn more.

  • CCIC Vpok, Singapore - Site survey using 3D Laser Scan to produce Point-Cloud data and converted to BIM model for Flow Analysis, Maintenance & Security and Safety Evacuation. Ready for IoT integration. Learn more.

  • University of Reading, Malaysia  - Re-Engineering using a combination of 3D Laser Scanning, photography and re-engineering processes to develop the LOD400 as-built BIM Model in Autodesk Revit .  This project involves a combination of 3D Laser scanning and photography of the entire building, floor by floor, room by room and the exterior to create a BIM model. We started this project once the project was near completion. View our article for more details.

  • Haneda Airport, Japan -  Delivery of a LOD500 BIM model for Facilities Management using a combination of on-site and off-site team members throughout Asia to deliver the project on time and within budget. See the full article: BIM Improves Operations at Tokyo's Haneda Airport

  • Lloyd 65 High End Singapore Condominium Project - Residential project in Singapore.  One of the first major BIM projects completed in Singapore.  We successfully delivered a LOD300 to LOD450 for clash detection and provided the as-built model for submission to authorities, overcoming many challenges to ensure the project was completed on time.  See the full article: BIM meets living the high life in Singapore.

  • Changi Airport BIM Project - Redstack were involved in throught the pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases of this project. Learn more.

  • UNIQLO BIM Retail Project - Redstack were contracted to take models for UNIQLO from IFC to BIM and implement virtual reality for visualisation. Learn more.

  • Fuji Garage Hotel BIM Project - Redstack were engaged to dliver BIM management, IoT (Internet of Things) and FM (Facilities Magement) on this Japan Hotel design and construct project. Learn more.

  • BIM to  Facilities Management projects - See how Redstack is extending BIM into Facilities Management and Space Management, delivering significant value to building owners and operators.

  • 3D Laser Scanning Projects - See images from some of our more recent 3D scans, including Marina Bay Sands and Tanjung Pagar Railway Station. Learn more.
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT3) Package GS02 & GS03 – BIM Implementation from IFC to LOD 450. Stations & services. Crash analysis, QTO and Coordinated Model for shop-drawing extraction. 125,000 sqm project for WCT Holdings in Malaysia.
  • Hospital Kemaman (300 beds), Design & Build – BIM Implementation projectfrom Conceptual Design IFC to LOD500 As-Built. 85,000 sqm project for Ufuk Semarak Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.
  • MyTown Ikano shopping mall – BIM Implementation LOD 400 As-Built. 110,000 sqm project in Malyasia.
  • Itoki Furniture 3 Showroom - BIM model LOD 450, 3D Libraries integrated with IoT. 85,000 sqm project in Japan

Other successful BIM projects include additional University, substation, airports and more throughout Singapore, Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. Before committing to work with any BIM partner, ensure they have proven experience in delivering successful BIM projects.


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