3D Scanning and LiDAR Services

The Redstack team is dedicated to delivering 3D survey and 3D scanning services to the highest standards. With meticulous attention to detail, safety and quality, we complete projects on time and within budget, focusing on delivering efficiencies and costs savings to our clients.

We utilise the latest 3D scanning, LiDAR and aerial technologies to deliver land, dimensional control, offshore, hydrographic surveys and more.

High Definition 3D Surveys (HDS)

Redstack utilise the latest High Definition 3D Laser Scanning and UAV (drone) technologies to capture accurate spatial information of your structure. Your high definition point cloud scan can be directly imported into a range of CAD platforms where further modeling, engineering, visualisation, analysis and simulation can take place.

Aerial Data Capture

Redstack utilise the latest UAV (drone) technologies to capture aerial data, delivering a complete picture of your existing site. Aerial photography can be utilised to create stunning visual 3d models, Combining aerial video and photography with your point cloud data delivers outstanding information for decision making and modeling purposes.

Point Cloud to Autodesk Revit / BIM Model Conversions

Redstack use a range of techniques to bring your point cloud data directly into Revit or your chosen CAD package. With your model in Revit, we can quickly build up a 3D BIM model with accurate measurements from your point cloud data.

Redstack have extensive experience delivering point cloud data into a range of different formats and will work with your team to ensure your data is delivered in a user friendly format. This conversion service can be provided using your own point cloud data, or point cloud data captured by Redstack.

Full range of Scan to BIM Professional Services

  • 3D Scanning Services
  • LiDAR Scanning Services
  • UAV aerial scanning Services
  • 3D Point Cloud Scanning
  • 3D Scan to Revit Conversion
  • 3D Scan to BIM Model Conversion
  • 3D Point Cloud Scanning
  • 3D Scan to BIM Consulting
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Point Cloud Manipulation
  • Aerial Data Capture
  • High Definition 3D Surveys
  • Topographic Land Surveys
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Offshore Surveys


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