Why use High Definition Scanning? (HDS)

Reduce or eliminate costly return site visits by capturing millions of unique data points. With accurate geo-referenced information HDS provides the ability to create as-builts and topographic surveys without return site visits, freeing you to do more work, more effectively.

Using High Definition 3D Scanning or LiDAR scanning, you can collect point cloud data on a structure’s current condition without significant disruption to the people who need to use the facility–offering the building owner a savings in worker down-time. Firms are using scanning data to create an as-built BIM model faster than when starting with an older CAD file or a printed document. Having true representation of the building as it stands today, rather than relying on construction documents, is more valuable because it depicts changes that have occurred since the documents were drafted. We deliver comprehensive solutions including all the software, hardware, support and services you need to realise the potential of scanning and point cloud technologies and gain a real competitive advantage.

High Definition Scanning systems can provide significant benefits and cost savings in many ways:

  • Lower cost as-built and topographic surveys
  • Reduction or elimination of return visits for re-surveying
  • Reduced facility downtime
  • Safer and unobtrusive data capture
  • Faster, more accurate results
  • Higher level-of-detail
  • Shorter project cycle times
  • Minimal disruption to facilities
  • Quickly develop as-built BIM models
  • Rapid acquisition of accurate data
  • Eliminate return visits on site for measurements
  • Accurate and reliable measurements
  • Centralised data for decision making


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