Leave it to Redstack with Realtime View 

Real time visualisation and virtual reality (VR) solutions - exclusive to Redstack

Exclusive to Redstack, Realtime view is a unique visualisation solution combining completely realistic 3D modeling and interactive virtual reality solutions.   This new technology creates an immersive environment, allowing you to virtually experience what it might feel like to enter your new building, well before any construction begins.

Realistic video production and walkthroughs

In addition to virtual reality solutions, Redstack's Realtime View also delivers highly realistic walkthrough videos from your 3D model.  If you already have a 3D model, we can work with that, or we can develop the 3D model for you.

Update your designs in real time

Our interactive solution allows you to change various options and materials such as floor types, colours and more, allowing you to review and make changes to your design in real time within a realistic 3D environment.  Whether you need to present a conceptual design, review and make changes toy our design or deliver a virtual walk through, Realtime view is the perfect solution. 

Easy Plug and Play Delivery - No software required.

Redstack make it easy for you to manage and deliver a realtime experience for your clients. Just plug in and play.   Realtime view is compatible with a range of different technologies such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung gear etc.  Redstack can supply all required hardware, including Virtual Reality technologies, laptops or PCs etc. Alternatively, you can deliver an interactive experience on your preferred screen through your laptop or workstation.  We are also developing a mobile version for Android and iOS tablets which will be available soon.

Leverage your existing 3D models

If you have already developed a 3D model, Realtime View allows you to maximise your investment in that model with the production of realistic video walkthroughs and virtual reality experiences that will separate you from your competitors.


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